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CRES lamb baked under the baking hood


NEW OFFER in the RESTAURANT NAVIGARE / CRES lamb baked under the baking hood

We wish to inform you about the offer of Cres lamb baked under the baking hood that will be available in the restaurant Navigare, continuously after Saturday 15.4.2017. Fresh every weekend.

Indigenous breeds of „Cres sheeps“ that graze freely on large pastures located all over the island, are owned by the „Agricultural Collective Cres“.

Cres lamb is highly valuable food, and is significantly different from the meat of other animals that are bred in farms.

The Lamb, Thanks to the high concetration of protein, the richness of the macro and micro minerals as well as vitamins is of high nutritional value.

The main product of the „Agricultural Collective Cres“ are lambs which grow exclusively on the milk of sheep and some grass that they devour on the barren land, and as it’s usually aromatic herbs, the meat gets a special flavor.

We are eagrly expecting you!



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