Natural Cometic Tour

Hotel Nautica **** in collaboration with a new partner – cosmetic factory Esensa Mediterana, offers you unique packages; a visit and a tour of the cosmetics factory through individualized approach and skin analysis for each guest. Considering a wide range of cometics for men and women, we are confident that each of you will find something for yourself.

Visit by own transport, taxi or foot, distance from hotel approx. 15-20 minute walk.

Basic Cosmetic Voucher                    10,00 eur

Visit of cosmetics factory; approx. 30 min presentation of the factory and introduction to the story of the importance of Mediterranean plants in the production of cosmetics; testing cream by choice; gift cream

Silver Cosmetic Voucher                 25,00 eur

Skin Diagnostics and melanin facial control, analysis is sent via e-mail; 50 ml gift cream according to skin assessment

Vip Cosmetic Voucher                     100,00 eur

Virtual walk throught Esensa Mediterana factory, approx. 45 min-50 min; Deep Skin Examination and Skin Diagnostics; perfume testing; according to skin assessment and skin condition individual cream manufactured and delivered to the hotel within 24 hours.

For reservations contact the staff at the reception of hotel Nautica or contact via:

tel. 052 600 400