Discover the magic of Istria through one of its greatest treasures…

Near the sea are the endless arrays of grapevines, scents of nature and divine flavours…


Moreno Ivančić

Moreno LogoTradition gone contemporary, as they describe themselves. Ivančić winery is a family company that produces superb wines from homegrown type of grapes. Besides enology, they also started to work in producing hard drinks like grappa (type of brandy), which allows them to approach each made bottle and service personalized and authentic.






Cattunar logoCattunar Winery has a reputation as one of the first independant wineries in Croatia existing over 30 years, as well as the biggest vineyard in the region. Even more significant is an old legend that describes this location as the place of wealth and tradition which the Cattunar family vivifies through their wines. Join us and let them enchant you in a piece of istrian and croatian history.



For reservations of Wine Tour contact the staff at the reception of hotel Nautica or contact via:

tel. +385 52 600 400